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Our team at Woman’s Hospital in partnership with Mary Bird Perkins Cancer Center and Our Lady of the Lake Cancer Institute is here to support you from the day you receive your cancer diagnosis through survivorship. You and your family can enhance your physical and emotional well-being through our support services.

Discover how our survivorship and support programs can help you or view our video library for more information.

We offer a variety of programs to enhance your individual treatment with a mind-body approach to your care.

Join us for cancer care and survivorship support groups, events or classes. Gain help to cope with the emotional aspects of cancer.

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  • Breast and GYN Cancer Support Groups

    Women with breast or GYN cancer are encouraged to join some type of support group.

    No matter your age, stage of cancer or stage of treatment, all are welcome to attend any of our groups.

    Woman’s Support Groups:

    Breast & GYN Cancer support group meetings

    • Every 4th Wednesday of the month
    • at Noon
    • Woman’s Cancer Pavilion Atrium Conference Room, 2nd Floor
      500 Rue de la Vie
      Baton Rouge, LA 70817

    To register, email Robin Maggio, LCSW, OSW-C, ACHP-SW at or call 225-924-8485

    New Reali-Tea Talks
    Cancer Survivor Support Group

    Healing Arts
    Building emotional well-being through creative expression

  • Patient Navigators

    Cancer treatment can be overwhelming. That’s why we have patient navigators to guide you from the day you’re diagnosed to the day you ring the last treatment bell. Your navigator can assist you with scheduling appointments, obtaining financial assistance, arranging transportation, connecting you with resources, providing you with emotional support, and more. Listen to our navigators explain their role. 

  • In-Person Support

    There are so many women in our community fighting cancer right now, just like you, and they come together often to support each other. Join one of our several support groups to share the emotions and experiences of your cancer battle and finding strength through the help of others. Breast and gynecologic cancer survivors, caregivers and healthcare professionals meet monthly to connect, share their experiences and support one another. There’s even a daily meditation group to help you relax and reduce stress.

  • Rehabilitation

    Cancer rehabilitation can help you recover more quickly and more completely from treatment than you would otherwise. The cancer rehabilitation team includes physicians, physical therapists, occupational therapists, speech and swallowing therapists, registered dieticians, and nutritionists and mental health professionals. This team will create a personalized rehabilitation plan for you with the goals of increasing strength and energy, alleviating pain, improving physical functioning, achieving emotional balance, and boosting the immune system.

    Rehabilitation can be beneficial for many individuals, including newly-diagnosed patients, survivors living with chronic disease, and those in remission. Learn more about cancer rehabilitation.

  • Exercise

    Being physically active after a cancer diagnosis can improve your outcomes and have beneficial effects on your quality of life, including your emotional well-being, sleep, anxiety, fatigue, pain, and more.

    Whether your focus is on building strength or reducing stress and fatigue, we can work to develop an exercise plan that fits your needs. From water aerobics to yoga to walking groups, we offer several exercise options to fit your needs.

  • Registered Dietician Counseling & Nutrition

    Eating the right kinds of foods before, during, and after cancer treatment can help you feel better and stay stronger. However, cancer treatments may affect taste, smell, appetite, and the ability to eat enough food or absorb the nutrients from food. This can cause you to be weak, tired, and unable to fight infections or get through cancer treatment.

    Our registered dietitians and nutritionists can work with you to make sure you’re getting enough nutrition for healing, fighting infection, and having enough energy. Call (225) 924-8313 for more information.

  • Education and Special Events

    From informational seminars and retreats to luncheons and celebrations, there are so many opportunities to learn and connect with other women. We offer classes on managing cancer treatment effects, nutrition, and much more.

  • Massage Therapy

    While you’re receiving cancer treatment, we can help you relax with a free hand and foot massage. In addition, chair or table massages are available to you during the course of your cancer treatments and can improve pain, sleep, relaxation, anxiety, and stress. During a massage, your practitioner kneads your skin, muscles, and tendons in an effort to relieve tension and stress, promoting relaxation. Massage can be light and gentle or deep with more pressure.

    To learn more about therapeutic massage, call (225) 924-8224.

  • Healing Arts

    Healing arts are creative practices that promote healing, wellness, coping, and personal change. Healing arts can fulfill your need to express your feelings throughout treatment and survivorship. Traditional healing arts include music, art, dance/movement, and poetry/writing. The therapeutic effects are well studied to comfort patients, reduce stress, and enhance healing. We offer rotating workshops and activities regularly, such as wreath making, painting, concerts, and more.

  • Wellness & Pet Therapy


    It’s up to cancer patients and survivors to do their part in living a healthy lifestyle, but knowing where to begin can stall progress. That’s why we have designed several programs to help you live a healthier lifestyle – physically, emotionally and spiritually.

    Pet Therapy:

    Sometimes our four-legged friends can also work wonders in decreasing anxiety, while offering welcome companionship and a positive distraction. Our Pet Therapy Program helps promote health and a sense of wellbeing through positive interactions with certified pet therapy dogs.

    Contact Francinne Lawrence at (225) 927-2273 or for more information.

  • Skin Care

    Chemotherapy, radiation and certain medications can result in hair loss and sensitive skin challenges. While most changes in appearance during cancer treatment are temporary, we can help you find the look that you are most comfortable with and offer products designed to make you feel your best.

    Learn about the services available to you.

  • Palliative Care

    The goal of palliative care is to help patients attain the highest quality of life, focusing on pain relief, symptoms and stresses of cancer or other serious illness. It also supports the emotional, physical and spiritual needs of patients and their families with life-limiting or life-altering illnesses. Our program includes outpatient palliative care, inpatient palliative care and hospice services.

    Call us today to learn more about our palliative care services.

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